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Kara Jo – unfortunate accident

Nowadays in the United States of America we have dozens of accidents every year and some of them happen only because drivers are not conscious of their deeds and therefore I would like to talk to you about Kara Jo’s accident, which is so funny that I almost fell over while laughing. It has nothing to do with sexism, if a man did something like that I would told you about this as well. Probably you have never heard of this “accident” – I used quotation marks, because she hurt no one, but still what she did made my day and therefore I would like to tell you something about this. I do think that we should start with some information about her personality, vocation etc.

Kara Jo

Kara Jo

First of all I would like to tell you that she is a beautiful young woman that works for Playboy magazine and she one of the best known playmates in the history of the magazine because of her beauty and personality. Many people think that all of those girls are dump, but this is not true, some of them are well-educated and have larger knowledge of some particular subject than an average citizen of the United States of America. IF you are a man and you are interested in her measurements, here you have: 34-24-35. Height: 5’0”. Weight: 115 lbs but I couldn’t find the date of her birth. I know that some models love to hide such information and as she does not have her Wikipedia personal page I couldn’t find it anywhere but I am sure she is in the late 20s’ or early 30s’, she is so beautiful.

The accident happened few years ago at a gas station, she visited the station to buy some fuel to  her car. She accidentally revved up and sped with the gas pump still attached to her car, can you imagine what people might have been thinking of the situation? I do not want to be cruel but if I were there I would be laughing very loud.  I cannot even think of such a situation, but some people took some photos because on the internet you can find some of them without any problems, just type in google “Kara Jo’s accident photos” and you will be shown a lot of them. You might call her names but I do not think that would be an appropriate approach. Everyone is so busy today as we do a lot of stupid things but thanks God we are not celebrities and no one give a toss about that and only because of this people do not laugh at us, unless we have a Facebook account and our friends post some photos on our wall.

I have been wondering why people do so stupid things every day and I think I can come up with a conclusion. First of all we live in a capitalistic country and many of us work over 10h a day only to make a living, get a promotion etc., I hear from my friends very often that they are dead tires and therefore very often they do think that normally they wouldn’t do. I do not know who to blame for such a situation but I still think that something must be done about this because the more technology we have the more tires we are, don’t you see a paradox? It should not be like that and I am not surprised that she did what she did, she has to pose for at least 8-10h to a photograph, keep smiling and not to show that she is tired, I would not like to have her job, I prefer mine over her.

Kara Jo

Kara Jo

Going back to the accident, I have been looking for some informations on the internet and what I found shocked me. She was more embarrassed by the car she was driving that by what she did; the car she was driving was not her and to be honest I would be surprised if that car was her because it was not a good car, it was an average one. As a model she was embarrassed because she knew that those photos will be all over the internet and many fans of her will know that she did what she did. Such people must pay attention to what they wear, how they look and what cars do they have because this is important to their career to be considered as a wealthy and full of beams person. This is what mass media want to show to the masses and therefore they need to pay attention to it no matter what, it is sad but still true.

I am pretty sure that right now Kara will pay attention to what she does at a station, because such a situation cannot take place anymore, her career might be on the edge and I am pretty sure that this is what she wants to avoid. She is very young and charming right now and she wants to earn as much as possible right now and therefore she cannot lose her job, none of them as she works not only for the Playboy magazine, but mainly for him. A so called “cover girl” cannot lose her job because once she got kicked out of the magazine she might have some serious problems with finding another will-paid job as a model. When you work for Playboy you are important, but when you lose your job there and you are looking for another job no one will pay you as much money as Playboy and therefore no one wants to lose there a job, but still this situation made my can and I was laughing all day long!

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